Thursday, 28 November 2013

W I L L & W I L D

Meet Carmel & Gab, the besties behind Will + Wild.
Alice (resident boss lady at Alice in La-La) had the pleasure of sitting down with them to talk about sandwiches, the future and how to wear it wild.
Who are Will & Wild?
Will+Wild came about as our big solution and passion, we were (and still are) constantly swapping clothes, wearing each other’s newest buys, never knowing which wardrobe to start in! We realised that we really love fashion and all that goes with it, so in an effort to leverage our spending habits for the better W+W emerged. We developed an online way of venting our favourite looks, images, places and outfits in a more expressive way. We are just two best friends and we decided to jump in the deep end and go for it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far!
Where can we find you?
Online at
Otherwise Carmel’s running around Sydney and Gab’s marketing on the Gold Coast.
What amazing things can we find at Will & Wild?
Oh we have plenty! I don’t think either of us have ever loved so many clothes! We’ve just had some exciting new labels join us like Deer Rub and Tony Bianco – not to mention our amazing Alice in Lala labels like First Light, Wilde Heart and Orbin.
We have so much new stuff coming in for Spring/summer; gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits, tailored shorts and colourful accessories, it’s all very exciting.
Who is the Will & Wild girl?
She’s the girl that can stand out in a city of people, oozing style even when she wears a tank top and a pair of flats (that didn’t cost her a week’s rent). She lives fashion everyday inside and out. She thrives in the company of her friends and is always up for that Sunday session or a silly dance-off with the girls.
What’s the best thing about owning your own business?
Calling it ours I think. When we stand back and go “Farout, we did this!” it’s pretty surreal and you get a big kick of motivation and excitement. It’s really amazing to create something and watch it grow, like a baby that grows up and pays you in money and clothes hahaha.
Your favourite trend for the summer ahead?
Orange, definitely. We have this gorgeous orange panel top in store and we’re obsessed with the colour. It needs to be in everyone’s wardrobe this summer!
If you could send a Will & Wild gift to any celeb who would it be?
Carmel: Matt Corby. I believe he has a large female following… that may include myself.
Gab: Don’t judge me.. but I’m still girl-crushing on the Revenge stars. What I would give to see Emily Vancamp rocking our Kitti Black Shades or spicy little Ashley strutting some Jarlo Michelle Shorts. Reow!
If Will & Wild was a sandwich what filling would you be?
Will+Wild a sandwich? More like that excruciatingly delish chocolate filled croissant that’s been on your mind since Paris! Maybe you were slightly apprehensive at first.. But Girls, when there’s a will there’s a way ;)
You have some of the coolest images of any online store….what inspires you?
All credit goes to our photographers and Steph our styling guru! We’ve been pretty lucky to have a great team each time we do shoots, but we are very adamant on putting the W+W mark on all our images and showing off our real life Will+Wild girls!
What’s next for Will & Wild?
We’re planning to launch Will+Wild Guys sometime next year so that’s our next big step. Other then that we’ve got a few projects for the girls side under our belt that will be in the pipeline in the next few months. J
Love from the La-La girls,

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